Forno Piombo was founded in 2014 by father and son team, Guy and Tony Piombo, after Guy's local church asked him to build them a pizza oven . After researching and developing a unique oven, we started looking at the landscape of the current wood fired oven market. What we found was a market that was saturated with over priced and underperforming ovens, and companies who seemed more focused on quantity and dollar signs. The material and design used suggested that these companies were sacrificing quality and performance in order to scale their manufacturing to meet a high demand. Forno Piombo was created to do just the opposite.

Our ovens are hand crafted from scratch, and everything we use is locally sourced, including labor. We do not have any shops in other countries sending us pre fabricated pieces; we do all of our own welding, brick cutting, assembling, fabrication, finishing and more. We limit our annual production to 160 ovens so that we can guarantee the best possible design and quality control on every single oven. Our ovens will last forever, and we back that up with a lifetime guarantee. The material and design used on our ovens is predicated solely on building the absolute highest performing wood fire oven in the world, and we will never sacrifice quality over making a couple extra bucks.

We treat all of our past, present and potential clients like family. When you purchase an oven from Forno Piombo, you are also buying a lifetime membership into our wood fire community. We offer our clients support in the form of recipes, cooking classes, access to chefs, how-to videos and more. We offer a clear and accessible line of communication 24/7. We promise to always be candid and honest with our clients, and treat them with respect.

We have an incredibly high level of passion for what we do. It is what has driven us since the beginning, and can be attributed to much of Forno Pombo’s success thus far. Our motivation lies in building the best wood fire oven in the world, not dollar signs. Every single oven that we build is crafted with love, passion, dedication and excellence, and it is our legacy that we will leave here long after we are gone.